Thursday, June 6, 2013


I didn't blog yesterday- but I ran a mile in the rain in the morning- it wasn't pretty, but my run streak continues! I also went for a bike ride yesterday- and not far into it, it starts to rain--- UGH! So it was only 13 minutes, but better than 13 minutes on the couch. My daughter wants to practice running a mile for her mile run in 4th grade- so her and I went out and ran most of it! I'm so proud of her!!!!

Today I can 2 miles. My legs are a little sore, but I invested in the rumble roller--- I used it yesterday, and it was NOT the most comfortable feeling, but afterwards- my body felt much better.

Today mile 1 9:12
           mile 2 9:04

Tomorrow I'm going to go for a light mile jog- maybe with my daughter if she wants--- but I'm going to try to take it slow because I'm pushing for my longest/farthest run on Saturday either 4.5/5 miles- I'm thinking I could skip the week 4.5 mile run on my 10K training program and hit 5 miles- We'll see when it comes time to run!!!!

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