Saturday, May 11, 2013

1 mile push

I set my Nike + running app to beat my fastest mile time. When I saw it was 8:58 I was a little nervous whether or not I could do it. I don't remember running a mile under 9 minutes- but I guess I have.

Today's time 8:48. The mile felt GREAT! I was really worried when I was on the way back because I was running into straight wind..... and I don't mean a little bitty breeze. BUT I pushed through and made it!

I haven't ran since Thursday morning- wasn't feeling great yesterday so I relaxed instead of going out and running- I'm not sure why but my legs were sore.

I'll start my 10K training this week---- I really have to look at what days running would be best for our schedule- BUT with only 3 weeks of school left I think I can keep my Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday schedule I just am not sure I want to keep my Thursdays as my long days with teaching until 4:45 then having a softball game at 5:30, 6:30 or 7:30......

I'm excited to say I'm officially back to being a RUNNER!!!

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