Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Route

Ran 3 miles today on a new route- I'm not sure how I feel about it- I knew where my 1 mile marker was and the next mile was tough. I am finding that I can get through my 1st mile fine but mile 2 is a mental struggle. WHY? You got me! When I heard on my app that I had one mile left I knew I was fine and could finish. I'm only running 3 miles so what is going to happen on my runs as I start running longer? In a few weeks I'll be running 5 miles. Is it going to be a mental struggle for miles 2,3,4? I'm hoping not!

Mile 1 finished in 9:43 with a 9:40 pace
Mile 2 time 19:51 pace was 9:57
Mile 3 time 29: 37
Run pace 9:51.

I beat Sunday's 3.00 mile run time of 30:40. I was hoping to be under 19 minutes today, but knocking off a minute and 3 seconds is something I am happy with too.

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