Saturday, May 4, 2013

2.75 mile run- DONE

45 degrees outside and drizzling-

Mile 1: 9:20 pace
Mile 2 9:27 pace
At the end my pace was 9:35

I finished the run in 26:27 which is 2 minutes faster than I finished the same distance last Sunday---

It felt great to be out running this morning after two days of snowing and cold weather- which I'm not brave enough to run in yet----

Today I ran the same route but ran around the lake the opposite way just to keep a little spice in the route- I like knowing exactly where my mile and 2 mile points are- but thought it would be ok to go a around the lake the other way--
I didn't mind this the first mile, but the second mile seemed long- of course from mile 1-2 has always been hard for me-WHY? WHO KNOWS!

Well, today's run is complete and I feel great! Hoping to go 3 miles and get back on my running schedule this week- Iowa weather permitting! :)

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