Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring vs. Winter

Well, May 2nd and snow is falling..... which means it is too COLD for me to run today. I can't believe I'm about to say this- but I am really bummed the weather didn't cooperate for me to run. Even though running doesn't come easy for me- and during the run I wish it was easier and I was better at it, I am enjoying my time running. 7 weeks ago when I started I knew that I could get back to being able to run 3 miles at a time. It's been an adventure and I'm looking forward to training for a 10K. I have definitely learned from my mistake last summer when I thought I could train for a half marathon----- well that seems quite more realistic this year as I'm training earlier and reading and learning as much as I can about running.

This blog- I know there will be no followers, but it's going to be my personal journal about my running- how it feels and just keeping track of how I feel after going for a run. I can say I wish I had someone to run with, but I'm running for ME and can't make anyone else go with me even though a lady at work is mad I don't ask her to run when I go. But when I run I have a goal in mind and I don't mind helping someone with running, but it will have to be on my off training days. I'm not going to feel bad for not asking- I am going to feel GOOD that I'm on the trails running because before the Hal Higdon 5K training program I was sitting on the couch.....

I hope to be hitting the trail again tomorrow- weather permitting......

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