Sunday, May 5, 2013


Well, I went for a 5 mile bike ride this morning with my daughters- one in the bike trailer. We were just on a relaxing ride so the fact it took us 47 minutes is a little embarrassing but it was enjoyable to spend the time with the girls.

As the day went on, I cleaned out the car and did some unending laundry.

Finally 5:00 came and I decided to go for a run- was thinking about waiting until tomorrow due to a hectic work schedule. Well, my daughter and her friends wanted to go- this was against all my better judgement.... BUT along they came on their bikes. WHAT A DISASTER! I had to call the neighbor to come pick up her granddaughter with a mile to go- she just couldn't make it. So I ended up having to take a break which really made me mad but I had a crying 6 year old that I couldn't leave.

All in all I finished the run with a time of 30:40- I KNOW I could have finished it in about 28- but had to slow up for the "bikers." Tomorrow is a rest day-- but may go on a short bike ride after work- 3 miles tops!

My legs are very sore tonight!

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